Friday, July 10, 2015

Accepting Applications

Want to join us and actually see the project finished?
Now's your chance.

If we can make solid progress and provide a demo without any major hiccups we will make a serious attempt at acquiring a source of income for team members, either via patreon or direct donations. This is in order to fuel motivation, keep morale high and to purchase any software or hardware that can make the development of this game move along as efficiently as possible.

Here's the deal.
Current State of project: We have a demo / early alpha all the way up to and including the entrance of the deku tree. So yes there is a working demo.

What we need: For people to stop leaving.
No, seriously.

The issue that has plagued us, and not only us but any project like ours, is every time someone comes on board they often don't realize the work entailed and after offering ideas and comments, don't deliver on time or simply don't deliver at all, and disappear.
The current and only consistent members have been the creators of the project, Ling and I (And XV but he's off at this point too.)

So- What do we need to see this through.

Programmer: Level of Importance: URGENT
WITHOUT A PROGRAMMER WE CANNOT PROCEED. Any other work runs the risk of being all for naught unless we can form a stable team.
We're in desperate need of a programmer with knowledge of the Renpy engine and python. That includes a battle system, inventory, health, damage, things like that (to be specific.) We already have a system in place that can be worked off of. Any changes or methods to advance will be at your discretion.

Artist: Level of Importance: Medium
You will be expected to collaborate with sketches, designs and lineart for scenes and sprites when needed and to stay in contact with the rest of the team. Ling handles the coloring and will assist in keeping the style consistent, but any help with coloring is also appreciated (such as prepping lineart and providing base colors). 

Writer: Level of Importance: Medium / Low
Should be able to output a fair amount of dialogue and ideas on a weekly basis. Some experience in writing fan-fiction writing or writing in general would be preferred. If you have work you'd like to show, please feel free to email that along with your application. The writing of LoZ should stay true to the canon of the series, but obviously there is lee-way. 

Current team:
Khrom: Background Artist. I stepped down from doing character art and scenes for the time being.
Ling: Lead Artist guy.

Send your applications to: and

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To Clarify

I feel as though I need to clarify a little bit and reiterate a few things said in the last post, to save misinterpretations.

  1. Firstly, the current status of the project is still a hiatus.
  2. I, Khrom, am not the sole owner or developer of ZVN, it is still "owned" by Ling and XV88 as well, the other two original developers, therefore I am not the sole authority of anything concerning the project, even if I own this blog.
  3. All things stated in the last post are that of my opinion and do not represent that of Lings' or XV88s opinions or thoughts.
  4. In other words, the "will we return?" is purely speculation and thoughts from my part.
 It is, hopefully, likely that Ling will either edit or create a post regarding the current situation and include his insight and opinion.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading. It really, really does mean a lot of not only me, but Ling as well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Will we return?

It's difficult to say at the moment. To say the project is dead in the water would not be entirely true. There exists a small chance of it's eventual return, but when and how long? I don't know.

As for me right now, I'm focusing on the development of a game unrelated to ZVN. As for the other two original members, I cannot say.

We were in the process of creating something beautiful and unique, and after all the work we put into the project (all the way up to the demo) to throw it all away would be an absolute travesty.

So, it is safe to assume, at least for the time being, that ZVN is not completely dead.

But for right now, the development is still halted. I am interested in eventually finishing the project in the future, however I'm not sure how the others feel about it after so much time away.

If there's anyone still out there, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I really didn't want to make this post, but it needed to be done at some point. I got a hold of our programmer today and we finally came to the consensus that we are currently "dead", or to put things at least somewhat optimistically, in a comatose state. I almost feel like just copy-pasting everything that was said there regarding the problems with the project, but I think those of you who have stuck with us to this point deserve more than that and to at least be addressed directly.

First, thank you for caring about what we were trying to create here. I know it probably wasn't easy at times considering where many of you originated from, nor was dealing with how slowly the blog was updated I imagine, but I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with us, and even those who haven't. I'm sorry things played out this way.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the comments, you've probably seen this coming. To put things bluntly, our team was fractured and our methods flawed. I would be under the impression things were progressing, when they weren't. Members would leave without a word or only show up briefly every blue moon. There would be reassurances of work being accomplished, or promises that someone would show up again, that would continuously fall through. Eventually it got to the point where I felt like everything I was doing was wasted effort.
As the person who was eventually, and reluctantly, considered something like the leader, I too was inexperienced. I failed to unify the team and was consistently pessimistic about my contributions. I feel that if I were a better artist, and my overall contributions of a higher quality, that the respect might have been there and people would be more motivated and thus more likely to stick around. I even let the flak the art received many months back get to me to this day.
Basically, we stumbled into every pitfall one would expect of a group of strangers brought together by chance. Even so, I met some great people, both on the team and the blog, and I was happy to work and talk with them, however brief.

All of that said, I still care about the ZVN and its not like I'm really going anywhere. If I feel there is any hope for this project, via contributions from others or acquiring the time and ability to do everything myself, I will do my best to see it through. I will attempt to better myself for if and when that time comes. For now I want to move on and try something new. Thank you for all the help, encouragement and discussion this past year, it really meant a lot to me.